Our Lot Author Alyssa Katz to Launch Online Newspaper at Columbia U.

Posted under Industry News on July 21, 2011

“_Our Lot_”:http://www.shelterforce.org/article/1738/occupied_owner_our_lot_by_alyssa_katz/ author Alyssa Katz will join the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism this summer to launch and edit The New York World, a news outlet staffed by J school graduates. With her arrival at Columbia, Katz ends a four-year stint as senior fellow for policy and communications at the Pratt Center for Community Development.

In a statement, Katz defined this new project as “cutting-edge accountability journalism on government in New York and all the realms it touches.” Of note is that the online newspaper’s title is an homage to _New York World_, published by Joseph Pulitzer.