Ted Wysocki

Ted Wysocki is the CEO of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)-USA, whose mission is to “Build a Just and Equitable Society in Harmony with Planet Earth.” Their website is http://www.ICA-USA.org. Ted launched his U2Cando blog and consulting practice in 2014 based on his 40+ years of community development experience. Ted was CEO of the Local Economic & Employment Development Council, now North Branch Works, in Chicago for 12 years. Previously, he was CEO of the Chicago Association of Neighborhood Development Organizations (CANDO) for 17 years. He started his community development career in 1974 with Gale Cincotta, the mother of the Community Reinvestment Act. Ted is a director emeritus of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.

Previously, Ted worked for over 12 years for Gale Cincotta and the National Training & Information Center [NTIC] on community reinvestment. Ted was the founding editor of NTIC’s national publication, DISCLOSURE. 

Ted is a past chairman of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s board of directors.