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Executive Director

Minnesota Housing Partnership  ·  St. Paul, Minnesota  ·  Posted on June 6

On behalf of our client, Minnesota Housing Partnership, CohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained search for Executive Director.

The Mission

Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) convenes, guides, and supports a diversity of partners working to improve conditions of home and community. Building on decades of experience, we strengthen development capacity and promote policies that expand opportunity, especially for people at the lowest income levels.
We are a team of community developers, researchers, communicators, and policy advocates who work to…

  • Strengthen the ability of organizations to build and preserve housing and community assets.
  • Provide original research and education resources to generate public support of vital communities and affordable housing.
  • Drive efforts to secure the policies and funding needed at the regional, state, and federal levels to advance local housing and community development.

“Increasing the resources allocated to the low income affordable housing is critical to creating thriving, vibrant communities. MHP is the leader in this space through convening discussions, bringing together leaders and advocates, and generating new ideas and concepts to move the mission forward, in community.”—Cristen Incitti, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

“MHP provided the groundwork and tools to understand what it takes to create a strong housing initiative. They provided excellent training on funding streams, potential project obstacles, environmental impact considerations, financing and loan options, and community engagement.”—Audrey Moen, Housing Manager, Northland Counseling Center

The Organization

MHP at a Glance

  • Founded in 1987, currently has a budget of approximately $2.8M and a staff of 18.
  • Research staff regularly produce leading edge, nationally recognized work around Minnesota’s housing issues.
  • Public Policy staff build coalitions and advocate for policies and funding at the regional, state and federal levels that enable communities to better address their need for affordable housing.
  • Community Development staff assist governments and agencies nationally, with an emphasis on rural and Native organizations, to collaborate, strategize, raise resources for and implement development of housing and community facilities.
  • Innovative Housing Institute brings together housing leaders and stakeholders to share their experiences, learn best practices, and develop creative solutions to bring quality affordable housing to their communities.
  • Recently facilitated a year-long investigation into the barriers to fair housing faced by communities of color.

MHP began in 1987, as an informal coalition organizing community groups and non-profit developers to play an active role in affordable housing. The catalyst for this effort was the governor of Minnesota’s decision to establish a commission to help guide the state’s role in housing for the decade of the 1990s.

The initial work of MHP focused on informing housing groups of policy and program developments occurring at the state and federal levels. MHP also was a catalyst for increased state funding targeted to addressing the housing needs of low-income people. In addition, MHP helped create the state’s first programs to build the capacity of non-profit housing providers.

In 1989, MHP incorporated as a member based, non-profit organization. The MHP board of directors was structured to provide a balance between affordable housing interests in Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities.

In 1994 MHP became a major provider of technical assistance and financial support to increase the capacity of housing development groups. Then, MHP began administering a predevelopment loan program and providing operating grants to non-profit developers.
MHP’s demonstrated capacity to assist agencies with housing development led to its selection by several governmental agencies to support usage and regulatory compliance for their programs, including administering the state of Minnesota’s Crisis Housing Fund and delivering project- based and organizational technical assistance for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

As a result, MHP has not only cultivated deep roots in Minnesota but worked nationwide. To date, MHP has worked with agencies on housing and community development projects in 45 states.

Over the years, MHP also has developed an effective lobbying arm and advocacy network, earning the respect of affordable housing supporters throughout the state and country, as well as government and legislative leaders.

Today, MHP continues to support decent and affordable homes for all Minnesotans and stronger communities throughout the country through nationally recognized capacity building programs, research and education, and public policy advocacy.

The Role

Minnesota Housing Partnership seeks an Executive Director (ED) to guide this central hub and leader for statewide housing and community development policy and resources. The successful candidate will be the primary face of the organization as it continues its leadership role in housing and community development in Minnesota and nationally.

This person will have the opportunity to lead MHP as it continues to focus on three core areas of work: policy/advocacy, research/ communications, and capacity building.
The successful candidate will ensure MHP continues to be viewed as the central resource and leader for statewide initiatives that can leverage resources and policy. In addition,
this person will guide MHP as it strategically develops services that build on the business core and increase the organization’s impact and financial sustainability. He or she will be
a leader that can build the internal capacity of MHP through focus on team building, communications, HR and financial systems, and talent development.

The Ideal Candidate will possess:

  • The ability to become a respected thought leader and public presence, including within political environments, public, business community and nonprofit entities across Minnesota. Strong knowledge and experience base in the field of housing and community development, with an understanding of both urban and rural housing and development issues as well as fundamental principles of economics.
  • Strong, empathetic, servant leadership values that foster collaboration and encourage communication within and among staff teams.
  • Strategic thinking experience in working with a staff and board around team building, talent management, and systems development.
  • Coalition building skills and the ability to lead, inspire and drive major statewide initiatives. Excellent communications skills to actively and effectively market the vision, mission and impact of MHP.
  • An ability to work effectively within the diverse communities throughout Minnesota and an understanding of racial and economic disparities both in general and within community development structures.
  • An instinct to listen first while being open and responsive to others’ perspectives.
  • Keen self-awareness and proven relationship building skills are required, preexisting relationships within and among the broader Minnesota housing community are highly desired. Proven fundraising, resource development success.

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